Two games  in WinterChessTournament was played yesterday

Game 1. 1750 Khoshnood Behzad 0-1 Sandström Lennart 1702

Was an interresting and close to equality strategy game to the early middelgame

Then Sandström made a tactical error and lost a piece for two pawns,,,

White was on top but we all know to well that a winning position is not the same as getting the full point.

Khoshnood made two tactical errors The first gives Sandström good chanses for a draw and the second did give black a winning Q or Pawn ending.

The kind of misstake white did is very common I have made it a lot myself.

The first misstake is a bad move ( Such a move we all just do sooner or later )but the second would probably never had happend if not was a history of the game ,,,, White was winning just some moves ago

Then is it very easy to try to hard to win and missing a draw or put it another way if you or your opponent makes an error is it very easy to do another one,,,,

If you made a bad move try  not to think about it to much

Try to find a good move the next move you do as non bad move was played,,,Recharge yourself

One chessplayer I know told me that if he had made ” bad move”  he took some time just to calm himself and later told himself that some kind of fool had left him with a bad position and now is it up to him to fight and make it right!

If you make a bad move remember the game  is not necessarily over ,,,, you can hope your opponent makes the last error of the game,,, So if you do as Sandström ( Dont resign premature! )you might be the last man standing in the end,,,,

Game 2. 1940  Magnus Hedkvist 1-0  Jimmy Norqvist 1545

Hedkvist fick den bättre ställningen Norqvist offrade kvalité för att försöka lätta på trycket,, men Hedkvist gick inte att stoppa.

Norqvist har nu mött de båda ” Toppspelarna” med svart Det finns fog för bättre lycka mot de övriga spelarna .


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