WIM Cristine Wågman-Rose and CM Rickard Engman Ties For First Place. Runner Up WIM Victoria Johansson.

A great evening with 8 players attending ASSU tonight. Good Spirit and good mood with coffee and cakes served. WIM Victoria Johansson, and WIM Cristine faced off each other early on in the tournament with Christine winning the WIM -Derby! Thx to all players who came and participating. Welcome back.

Special Guest Victoria Johansson came along with her friend ASSU member WIM Cristine Wågman-Rose who recently came second in Swedish championship (women) in blitz. WIM Cristine came first after 7 rounds, and tied with CM Rickard Engman. WIM Victoria Johansson came second. After the tournament we looked at some chess problems/ studies.

Result and pictures:

  1. WIM Cristine Wågman Rose, CM Rickard Engman 6,5 p
  2. WIM Victoria Johansson 4,5 p
  3. Alexander Aleander  3 p
  4. Gerold Jäger 3 p
  5. Magnus Stenius-Enström 2,5 p
  6. Benjamin 2 p
  7. Tobias 1 p


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