WCT – Winter Spring Tournament: B group full – Join in for more groups! 22 February – Mid April.

We have closed one group, ELO – B group.

scheduled for 5 rounds of standard games 110 min + 30 sec increment from move one is full. Just sign in and we will fill up more groups and so on. Elit group have spots left and A group as C group, anyone can join in and we will make room for more ELO groups.

WCT – B: group     1800-1500

  1. Lars-Olov Norqvist SWE, ASSU 1713 ELO
  2. Lars-Erik Hasselgren SWE, SK Rockaden Umeå 1686 ELO
  3. Anders Jonsson SWE, SK Rockaden Umeå 1650 ELO
  4. Rasmus Nyman SWE, ASSU 1638 ELO
  5. Kasper Hörnqvist SWE, ASSU 1590 ELO
  6. Tamilarasan Kuppusamy Palaniappan IND, ELO (One part-result – need point against three players).
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