WCT preliminary list of players: ELITE, A, B and C Group etc.

WCT will be played in rating groups of six players – 5 rounds. Starting 22 february until mid April. Possible to postpone games. EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO JOIN IN THE FUN!

Email to rickardengman@hotmail.com or steniusmagnus@gmail.com sms to 070-6814514 to registrate. ELO FIDE games. Standard 110 minutes + 30 seconds increment from move one. Welcome! The more groups the more fun! If more higher rated players join in – the groups will expand and players will automatically be put into a new group and so on, B, C, D etc. Anyone can join in – non club members pay fee of 200 kr. to participate. We welcome new beginners, or any club players from other chess clubs.

ELITE: group 2300-2000

1.CM Rickard Engman SWE 2163 ELO

2….open position

3…open position

4…open position

5…open position

6…open position

A: group. preliminary. 2000-1800

  1. Jan Backsten ASSU SWE 1938 ELO
  2. Maximillian Maier GER ASSU 1867 ELO
  3. Ranel Tammela SWE ASSU 1837 ELO
  4. Isak Ersholt SWE ASSU 1849 ELO
  5. Magnus Stenius ASSU 1831 ELO
  6. …open

B: group     1800-1500

  1. Lars-Olov Norqvist SWE ASSU 1713 ELO
  2. Lars-Erik Hasselgren SWE SK Rockaden Umeå 1686 ELO
  3. Anders Jonsson SWE SK Rockaden Umeå 1650 ELO
  4. Rasmus Nyman SWE ASSU 1638 ELO
  5. Kasper Hörnkvist SWE ASSU 1590 ELO
  6. Tamilarasan Kuppusamy Palaniappan IND ELO

C: group       new beginners to 1500

  1. …open position
  2. …open position
  3. …open position
  4. …open position
  5. …open position
  6. …open position
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