Tomorrow Night: ASSU On Demand – Training, Socializing, Swedish FIKA and…Chess!

Welcome  back tomorrow night to the best Chess Club around. We are here for everyone!

Tomorrow night we have new-beginners training with Kent Munyua, who recently kicked off – The lunch Blitz Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12.30 in the Lindell hall. Furthermore, we have training and FIKA with Mr. CM Rickard Engman. And not last but least, don’t forget to to join this semesters standard ELO tournament. Info below:

Winter CT Open 2017!!

Remember, in ASSU everyone can join in, it doesnt matter if you have never touched chess pieces before. We are around 40 member in all ages that plays chess. We are located above the university libary and we play, train, and socialize in Chess (dinners, bowling, fresbee), and we also compete, with our teams in the Swedish Chess Leauge. In just three years of time ASSU has build its reputation, with solid training, many, members, students, national and international players has crossed our club, and with great tournament venues, we offer highest quality chess, ELO, professional, no noise, just fun, smiles, and a lot of friendships. In this club we support each other on all leves. We have a FIDE-trainer CM Rickard Engman (rickardengman(at) new beginners groups, Kent Munya, and i.e. Swedish Champions as well Lennart Sandström, Alexander Agrell, etc. In our club we range from total new beginners to elite. What makes this club such a huge sucess is our motto – everyone is accepted no matter your skills! So, join us, today, just come in, hang around, play and learn or just chatt, above the university libary at Umeå University.



Be there or be Squared…


Pictures below throughout the years…2013-2017

img_0171 img_0066 IMG_3733 IMG_3726 IMG_3711 img_0019 IMG_3707 IMG_3705 IMG_3699 IMG_5236(1) IMG_5202 IMG_5076 IMG_4946 IMG_4904 IMG_4903 IMG_4902 IMG_4900 IMG_4808-1 IMG_4711 IMG_0221 IMG_0183 DSC_0106

Second place: Ingemar Vincent

Second place: Ingemar Vincent

IMG_0961 IMG_0970 IMG_0911 IMG_0834 (1) Fest20141206_9752 Fest20141206_9751 Fest20141206_9742 Fest20141206_9540 Fest20141206_9541 Allsvenskan20141207_9798 Allsvenskan20141207_9802 008 bild 3 bild 2 (5) bild 4 (6)

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