Time for new/old club shirts :)


Rasmus wearing ASSU ”Match shirt”


It is time to order new club shirts, blue garments with our loggo printed in white on the chest  (left side like before).

We are replacing the old standard T-shirt with a better quality one. Price: 150SEK

The old and good shirt with a collor. ”Match shirt” for team matches, price: 150SEK

NEW! Fruit of the loom hoodie, price: 470SEK

Visit the club or call: 070-3673375, Kent, for your order.

Orders will be taken until the 18th of September and payment must be made to the club account before the 30th of September. Bankgiro Bg 547-8748. 

Any surplus from shirt sales will be kept by the club for our future activitys(more surplus with multiple orders).

Welcome with your order! Kent Munyua

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