This evening: postponed games in UB-340! Analysis and coffea in UB-339/Uppskjutna partier idag i UB-340

We will broadcast two boards LIVE today. Note: Those who don’t play a standardgame today, we will just play and hang around watching postgame analysis etc.

LIVE: at 18.00 pm follow our live link at the top of the web-page.

1. Helge Magnussen- Henk Jan Bragt LIVE NOW.

2. Eric Hannerz – Gerold Jäger  (starts at 19.00)

Välkomna till uppskjutna partier idag från rond 1 i UB-340 och analysrum blir därmed UB-341.

Today we play postponed games in UB-340. We will have coffea and analysis in UB 339.

Vårdraget/ Springmove our own ELO-rated international FIDE tournament today, round 1 postponed games. 40 moves in 90 min + 30 min, 30 seconds increment from move one.

Most Welcome!


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Have a sit, enjoy and relax, score-sheet and FIDE-standard clocks and boards will be provided.

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