Swedish Grand Prix Part 2, visits Umeå

Next Weekend on the 31th of October until the 2nd of November, Swedish Grand Prix part 2 will visit Umeå hoasted by our neighbour Chess Club SK Rockaden Umeå. The Tournament is an ELO-registrated Tournament of 4 speed chess-matches and 4 standard games in a total of 8 games. The Venue is set at Hagaskolan in Umeå, dining hall, utmarksvägen 1. Right now the tournament is filling up with players like, GM Ralf Åkesson, GM Thomas Ernst, IM Jonathan Westerberg, IM Bengt Lindberg, FM Martin Lokander, FM Erik Malmstig, FM Philip Lindgren etc.. Right now 64 players are registrated for the tournament including 4 players from the Academic Chess Club. There are still time to sign up and play some excellent weekend chess! A perfect chance to compete, meet and greet other chessplayers from around Sweden.

Registrated players here.

Registration for signing up here!

Invitation here.



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