September Rating List

The new rating list for September 1st is on it’s way. If you see something that looks odd or that a missing game hasn’t been counted in, contact The new rating list will see some new changes and some new players on the top list. We will see who will be the new rating rocket in the club!


We Know Chess

Welcome to join in our Club Now!

In our club anyone is welcome from grandmaster to new-beginners, and guess what? We are all equal at the club no matter what rating you have.

We have a lot of activities, and are an active club located at the University campus in Umeå, just above the university library. At the moment we are around 40-50 players all together and more are coming. You can come for a sneak peak, just watch a game, have ”Swedish fika” talk and chat and just hang around. We offer training from new beginners to absolute elite-level. We have three teams at the moment. ASSU I, in Swedish division 2, that consists of 8 players, with players from 2400 to 1750, then ASSU II  in Swedish division 3, with players from 1700 to 1400 and finally our ASSU III in the county league a perfect team to try out team play from 1400-1100.

Pictures below from our club evenings:



IMG_0674 IMG_0695 bild 3 bild bild 5

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