Results Winter Chess Tournament

Some results from yesterday ELO tournaments and the LASK Group:

Lennart ”Traveller” Sandström – Helge ”The Friend” Magnussen 0 – 1

Lars-Olov ”The Gentleman”Norqvist – Kent ”Big Machine” Munyua 0 – 1 (LASK-Group

Magnus ”Ro(o)cking Tower” Hedqvist – Isak ”Hayes” Ersholt 1 – 0

Jimmy ”Dean” Norqvist – Rasmus ”Wonderboy” Nyman = 0 -1

More info to follow with information regarding the games:

Hopefully their will be some games form the winter-tournaments A and B ELO group displayed on the homepage as well soon!

Chess -results A-Group  here and B-Group here.

Other info:

Our ASSU member and team 1 player, Magnus ”The Stud” Stenius will be playing a double round 6 group CHESS – tournament in the US during April in North Carolina. We wish him good luck!

There are still chanses to play Påskturneringen in Norrköping in Sweden during the Eastern break! Very good tournament and some big players to make and break!

Look out for forthcoming social events on our homepage!

So come and join us and join the fun u2!

ASSU player members, thumbs up!

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