Results from Autumn Chess Tournament

A group here

A very exciting round, though many games ended in draws. On board 1, The two ”Magnus”, Helge Magnussen and Magnus Stenius, played and fought out a total war on the board until the bitter end. Helge was better in the opening and in the middle game. But after Magnus managed to escape and go into an endgame he could sac his rock and get a kings attack. Both players agreed to a draw, down on time and Magnus playing with Knight and three pawns against Rook and one pawn for Helge. Both players liked the game and now Rilton Cup awaits for Helge in Stockholm City during Christmas Break.

On board 2 the game is postpone between Kent Munyua – Magnus Hedqvist (They will play next Tuesday).

Board 3 Rickard Holmström and Lars-Göran Carlsson played each other and Lars -Göran was this round only winner in A group.

Bastian and Martin on board 4, played a draw after Martin had opend up the h – file and tried to invade whites kings position with the Queen.

On board 5, Lennart Sandström had manouvering position against Rasmus and some chanses to score the whole point. Rasmus managed to hold white back and the game ended in a draw.

The game between Isak Ersholt and Lennart Steinvall ended in a draw after both players played a calm positional game that was pretty equal.

in the B group Lars Olov won against Gustav and thereby took over spot number 5 in the tournament.

Jimmy Norqvist won an exciting long game against his fellow teammate Eric Hannerz after a really good game from both players. Jimmy finsih third this season in Group B and he is thereby qualified to Play FIDE-Group A next season along with player Jonas Jonsson and Kasper Hörnqvist.

The top game Between Kasper and Jonas will be played on tuesday.




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