Results : 5th leg Summer Night Blitz Evening at ASSU. Jan Backsten takes home 1st, Maxi Maier 2nd, and 3rd Alexander ”The Great” Agrell

Last Thursday was the tournament of the 5th leg of the Summer Late night Blitz! 6 players showed up. After the smoke had vanished from the boards: the following results showed up…

Here are the standings in the late night Blitz evening after leg 5: 2 events to go!

Top 3 Book prizes will be shared out. 

Here are the current standings – come join the fun join in and receive a book! Two more Thursdays to go. Next tournament 26th of August at 23. pm Swedish local time. Welcome.

Top three players Backsten, Engman and Agrell! Come and join join the fun and play the upcoming 6th leg this Thursday! Book prizes to be won.

  1. Jan Backsten 13 p
  2. CM Engman 11 p
  3. Alexander Agrell 9 p
  4. Maximillian Maier 8 p
  5. Magnus Stenius 7 p
  6. Gerold Jäger 5 p
  7. WIM Cristine Wågman 4 p
  8. Magnus Hedqvist 3 p
  9. Stipo 3 p
  10. Patrik Storm 1 p








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