Postponed games this evening

This evening we play postponed games. In the other room we will analyze positions and play some blitz. Welcome!

B group here


Jimmy Norqvist – Lars-Olov Norqvist = 1 – 0

Kasper Hörnqvist – Jonas Jonsson = 0 – 1

A group here

Rickard Holmström – Lennart Sandström = 1 – 0

Please, reminder that you will try to play this evening as we need to do the pairings for next round in both group.

Uncle Sam Plays Chess Poster

Picture (

Pictures from the evening at ASSU

bild 1

Doc Van Jonsson thinking playing his teammate Kasperov the Ghost

bild 2


bild 3

Andreas ”kibbitzing” over Norqvist Derby on board 1.

bild 4 bild 5

Strolling around the games at ASSU playing site      Postgame analysis Traveller against Red Robocop



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