Postponed games from WCT: A-Group and B-Group and… ASSU wins DIV II! Celebration After Chess.

Mr Kent Munyua, ASSU:s best player this season according to points – congratulates Mr CM Rickard Engman, TEAM-Captain with Winning Whiskey and Cigarr. ASSU has made it to DIV I! Thanks to all fantastic members of this great club and we look forward to greet and meet more players, students and other who supports our club. We have already new players that have called and emailed us incoming for the new season. See you in div 1!

Today it is possible to play postponed games at the club from group A and group B.

PICTURES: and more information below.

A Postponed games

1.Stenius – Tammela

2. Maier – Wågman

Grou B Postponed games

Ivan Schander – A Jonsson

Nord – Jäger

Jonsson Nyman

Hörnqvist – Schander

Tami – Lars-Olov Norqvist


We also celebrate that ASSU I made it to DIV I. In first Team this season the following players played. We thank all club members for all contribution and second team ASSU for making a third place in div III, after strong win against SK Örnen on there home ground.


1 FM Göran Broström

2. Peter Olsson

3. CM Rickard Engman

4. Juan Barassa

5. Jan Backsten

6. Kent Munyua

7. Michael Pivowar

8. Magnus Stenius

9. Isak Ersholt

10. Lennart Sandström

11. Alexander Agrell

12. Ranel Tammela


Kent Munyua

Kasper Hörnqvist

Erik Nord

Rasmus Nyman

Magnus Stenius

Gerold Jäger

Ranel Tammela



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