Pictures From ASSU Dinner and Party: Lennart and Magnus Wins Chock Championships

A great dinner, with nice blitz, food and drinks, got us in a good mood!

img_0161 img_0163 img_0164 img_0165 img_0171

We played a chock tournament, in which the following paris decided to play!

  1. Lennart ”Pennan” Sandström – Magnus Stenius
  2. Rickard Engman Dan Åhman
  3. Isak Ersholt – Cameron Fetterplace
  4. Benn Malca Lars-Göran Karlsson
  5. Jan Backsten – Tobias Boman
  6. Rasmus Nyman – Mutate Mkukongo


img_0171 img_0172 img_0173 img_0174

ASSU players also played a blitz tournament later the same evening!

Next social activity coming up: Poker By Night at Isak ”Hayes” place!


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