New Season New Players New Welcome Reception

Dear all ASSU members and forthcoming members and visitors. This Thursday on the 3rd of September at 10.00 we will have table in the Lindellhall to welcome new potential students and members to our Academic Chess Society. We will be present all day, and hopefully as many as possible can join in and come to our desk to meet n greet incoming students. This is our great opportunity as a official student representative to show our activity to interested people.

So come and join us this Thursday. We will meet up around 9.00 to bring our stuff to our frontdesk.



And… We all ready have some new players incoming for the forthcoming ”Allsvenska” season. ASSU will be representing in DIV II and DIV III and also in ”Länsserien” (The County Leauge). Be ready for a great upcoming season.

NN (We will publish names and affiliation when officially registration players for our team is finished and the board of ASSU has approved them.

More information on the Chess-Camp training will be posted in the end of this week.

Pictures below from last welcome session at the University Campus!

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The Academic Chess Society was instigated ca two years ago around October and is modeled after British and American Chess Clubs connected to it’s universities.

We are located just above the university library and we have begginers training at Tuesdays. On Thursday’s we host more advance training and competitions.

We have free coffee and fika.

Welcome to join in and be a part of this super fun and relaxed Clubs atmosphere. Anyone is welcome to join in our Chess Society!


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