New Expected FIDE ELO to ASSU Club Members Going International On the Boards!

In Christmas break we can see in short that, a lot of ASSU players have gained speed elo and standard elo. Here are the following incoming FIDE results for ASSU Members:

The winner of Chess Autumn Tournament Magnus Hedqvist gains 72,4 + in ELO, congratulations from ASSU!

The winner in B group Jonas Jonsson, congratulations from ASSU!

1. Magnus Stenius Chess Speed ELO expected 1863 (standard 1832)

2. Kent Munyua (this years ASSU-Player) Standard ELO Chess expected 1938! Speed Chess part results: 1915.

3. Gerold ”The Professor” Jäger Standard 1795 Speed Chess 1795.

4. Bastian Perner Expected 1931 Standard FIDE.

5. Rasmus Nyman 1848 expected FIDE standard rating.

6. Isak Ersholts 1693 Standard FIDE.

7. Lennart Sandström 1681 Speed Chess ELO FIDE.

8. Rickard Holmström 1735 FIDE Speed Chess.

9. Jimmy Norqvist (third in Autumn Chess Tournament B Group) part result 1842 in standard FIDE.

Merry Christmas all ASSU players and members, see you back in January!


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