New beginners Course this Evening with the Academic Chess society!

Today at 18.00 our New Beginners Course in Chess Continues with Kent Munya. Welcome! It cost 100 swedish kronor to participate!

In the next room, we will train some middle game. There will be blitz play and spontaneous training and chess play at all sorts of time limits.

Welcome in this evening!

Are you interested to be a member in our club? No problem, just come in and say hi and join us, we have plenty room for new members in our excellent Academic Chess Club. We are located just above the library at Umeå University campus. We are a part of the University union and also an official member of the Swedish Chess federation. We play, teach and traing chess at all levels. We have social events, and we gather during evenings around the chess tables to take part and learn in the most beatyful games there is, Chess!

So come in, and have a coffea with us, and yes the coffea is on us!


The Academic Chess Society

One of the greatest player of all time… Fisher (Courtasy of Eudie Pak)

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