New Beginners course this evening + ELO rating incoming for 4 players

Welcome to the new beginners course this evening at the Academic Chess Society! The other room will be open for those who wants to play and socialize.

bild 3

Chess teacher Kent Munyua in the picture above.

We are happy to announce that several ELO rating are coming up to the club next month and in January 2015. First to have an international ELO rating next FIDE list of December is Lennart Sandström here.

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Kent Munyua will have his new ELO rating after the Autumn Chess Tournament, and here is his part results so far.

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Next up is Isak Ersholts who will have the full ELO rating after Autumn Chess Tournament is finalized, here is his FIDE-card.

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Finally, Rasmus Nyman will get his ELO after the Autumn Chess Tournament is finished, here.

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There are different rules for the diffferent players according to when they got their first ELO norm, as FIDE has changed numbers from 9 games to only 7 games from september.

Also, our ASSU players, Bastian Perner, Germany, has made his first ELO norm in the Autumn Chess Tournament, congratulations and Jimmy Norqvist from Swedish Grand prix part 2, here. Jimmy now only needs a few more games to get his final ELO.

bild 4 (2)

Bastian on the right against his kinsman, Helge.

bild 1 (3)

Jimmy ”Dean” Norqvist on the left side of the board playing black against Kasper.

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