Michael Mattson winner of the SummerHeat IV

It was Michael Mattsson who was the strongest with a total score of 5 wins and 2 draws he earned his ”spot in the Sun” as the winner of SummerHeat IV.

Top five and winners of prize money was:

1. Michael Mattsson  Schack 64 Haparanda  6/7 ( Winner of The First Prize )

2. Ingemar Wincent  Rockaden Umeå 5/7  ( Winner Of  The Second Prize )

Second place: Ingemar Vincent

Second place: Ingemar Vincent

3. Lars Göran Carlsson 4,5 /7  Schack 64 Haparanda ( Shared Third Prize )

4. Michal Piwowar           4,5/7   ASSU ( Shared Third Prize and the winner of The Group Prize

5. Mikael Forsberg           4,5/7   Rockaden Umeå ( Shared Third Prize )

ASSU congratulates the winners and hope all participants enjoyed SummerHeat IV

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