Merry Christmas ASSU Members – And Welcome Back in 2017 To An Action Packed Chess Year!

At Tuesday we had some blitz and training the Sicilian Sc3 variation Featering Jan ”The Magician” Backsten. Five people showed up and we discussed theory, had fika and looked at different variations to use in practice tournament play. There will probably be a Winter Chess Tournament in Spring, ELO-registrated for 6 players 5-rounds standard games for achieving ELO-norms. More information and discussions will follow. 

This spring semester will probably focus more on speed chess and blitz chess ELO tournaments over a longer period of time. We will discuss this with our members to hear their views and ideas for the upcoming season.

There is much to come at ASSU in Spring.img_6202

Weekend in Allsvenskan in February on our homeground at the Open Space! Come and See 32 chess players play in DIV LIVE and on LIVE boards. High Octan chess With FIDE Titled players on the starting Line and more. FIKE and LIVE Transmission on big screeens.


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