Joint Chess dinner and ELO-Speed Chess tournament coming up on the 6th of Dec!

Dear all ASSU fans, members of the Academic Chess Society Umeå. On the 6th of December their will be this fall semester endings with a dinner. The event will take place at the humanities building at 16.00 hours. For those who want to take part as well in the ELO-rated Speed Chess tournament the same day, starting at 10.30 their will be a package prize of 300 kr (an invitation will be posted here shortly). If you only want to take part in the following dinner at 16.00 the prize is 200 kronor. If you only want to play the speed chess tournament it costs 150 kronors to participate. The tournament is open to any chess player, however the dinner is open to members of ASSU, with at least being a support member. Contact ASSU for more information. There will be a tapas buffé with vegeterian alternative, dessert and coffea and after dinner the unofficial Chock Chess Championship of the ASSU club 2014 will start. The socialized tournament will be paired with two members on each side of the board, one high rated and one lower rated. We hope everyone will have a delighted experience and a nice day and evening at ASSU. Members of ASSU, bring a partner or a close friend as well and join the fun. Very welcome! Everyone planning coming to the party will be posted on the homepage so we now how much food, snacks and beaverage to plan for the party. Once more, most welcome!


Akademiska Schacksällskapet Umeå

The Academic Chess Society Umeå

LET’S PLAY, LET’S GO (Notice the deep focus even though white has not done the first move yet!)

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