Jimmy ”Dean” Norqvist Back in Town in 7 Rounds of Hard Fought Speed-Chess: Magnus Stenius Wins After Solid Play

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Eight players came and visited the club at Thursday Speed Chess Tournament. No ELO no LASK anymore, it was open for gambling at the tables.  Exciting games and Jimmy Norqvist participated in Speed Game Tournament. It was very good games, smiles and fire on the board as eight players showed up for the ”Warp-up” session of this semesters Speed Chess. Without any LASK (Which is now gone) and no ELO, it was prepared for Hawaii Chess and a lot of chance play. Magnus Stenius started out strong, winning and it was not until he fought Lars-Olov Norqvist in round 6 that he meet problems. Being a pawn under and loosing he had to fight for his game. It all ended in a draw in the end. Isak Ersholt started out slowly, but then gain position and his playing style rendering him points. Kasper Hörnqvist also played a good tournament ending in third place.

Mr CM Rickard Engman, Head Coach at the Chess Club interviewed Magnus after the Tournament. – it was a good tournament for you, how come you played so strong today? I was just waiting for my opponents misstake and so, I sort of tried not to push to far and do as I use to do, trying to constantly be in charge of the game all the way. Some training lately during the Christmas break and well needed rest, I guess made my day 😛

Do you wanna join in the Speed Chess ELO Tournament? It starts soon, keep an eye on our homepage or contact our tournament and main coach Mr Engman at rickardengman@hotmail.com




Results and pictures:

  1. Magnus Stenius 5,5/7
  2. Isak Ersholt 5/7
  3. Kasper Hörnqvist 4/7
  4. Lennart Sandström 4/7
  5. Jimmy Norqvist 3,5/7
  6. Gerold Jäger 3,5/7
  7. Lars-Olov Norqvist 2/7
  8. Rasmus Nyman 0,5/7

Pennan vs. Hayes!


Gerold the Professor vs. Pennan!


Rasmus Nyman Wonderboy, responsible for LIVE Broacasting, webmaster and computers.


Hörnqvist vs. Norqvist

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