”Its Getting Hot In Here” SUMMERHEAT IV Is Upcoming!

SUMMERHEAT IV at the Humanities building is burning around the corner. Welcome to an exciting FIDE tournament. With international flavor!
Come and join us have fun, play, break and make som friends, elo points, chess analysis. Tournament director mr Kent Munyua and chief arbiter is CM Engman followed by Lars-Göran Carlsson. Players presented with pictures and info below! 16 player’s right now signed up for our FIDE-Tournament.
Mostly Welcome!


ELO              LASK

1. CM Rickard Engman             2189         2247 ASSU Sweden (The Champion from Summerheat III is the defending nr 1).


2. Helge Magnussen            2054              2087 SK Rockaden Umeå Germany (Helge has a high level expertise and might win SUMMERHEAT IV).

bild 4 (2)

3. Mikael Mattsson             2034                2092 Schack 64 Sweden (We are happy that Mikael is back to play our tournament).

bild 2 (4)

4. Lars-Göran Carlsson    2002                 1949  Schack 64 Sweden (Mr L-G in his best peformances can beat anyone!)

bild 3-1

5. Bengt Sjöström               1921                  1800 Lövångers SK Sweden (Bengt, is playing at a very high level at his age, impressive).

bild 2 (2)

6. Ingemar Wincent          1863                  1862 Rockaden Umeå Sweden (Ingemar is touring open tournaments and Swedish Granbd prix a lot, great!).

bild 3 (2)

7. Mats Liljenberg              1819                   1736 SS Luleå Sweden (Welcome to Mats, playing for the first time at ASSU venue)

8. Mikael Forsberg             1793                  1702 Rockaden Umeå Sweden (Mr Forsberg is a guest coming back to us, can win any game, great performance last time).

SUME 019

9. Dr Michal Piwowar                                   1690 ASSU Polen Sweden (Our newest member, Dr Piowar is getting better and better at the table!, watch out!).

SUME 037


10. Isak Ersholt                      1719                  1670 ASSU Sweden (Mr Hayes, a serious player, with high performance when in form)!

SUME 126

11. Kasper Hörnkvist           1537                  1442  ASSU Sweden (Kasper is getting stronger and dangerous at the board!)

bild 3

12. Jimmy Norqvist            1649                 1438   ASSU Sweden (Jimmy can make big upsets on the board when in the mood!)

bild 3(1)

13. Mahmood Faraz                                        1500   ASSU Iran (Mahmood took his first ELO-norm last time, will be interessting to watch out!)


14. Lars Olov Norqvist                                   1422 ASSU Sweden (The gentleman, LOA at his bets times, can outplay anyone!).


15. Markus Kvist                                              1390 ASSU Sweden (Markus also took his first ELO-norm, has a high level of analysis capacity at the board!).


16. Julian Guerra Alamos          Junior                     1300 SK Rockaden Umeå Sweden (Julian is a junior player that will break through soon, will it be now?)

SUME 045


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