It Is Time For Autumn Chess Tournament 2015 Tonight!

Its time for our open ELO-rated tournament Autumn Chess Tournament 2015

We are preliminary 17 Partcipants ( We hope for even more! ) its Two ELO-rated Groups A and B with 6 player and one or more LASK Groups.

Its 5 rounds round robin and its 120 min + 30s/m

We usualy are in UB 335

Its important to be on time 18:00 if not will it postpone the start of round one because the parings cant be done .

its possible to do as some players already have done postpone the game but given green light to partcipate.

Contact the arbiter mr Rickard Engman 0768 230 379 if you wanna postpone the game or wanna join the tournament otherwise be there

Remember if you are on  the preliminary partcipant list  you will not be in the tournament if you not have postponed the game or is in time for the first round.

The ones who is not partcipate in the tournament can enjoy blitz or other forms of chess in UB 336

The schedule is 2015-10-01, r2 is 2015-10-15, r3 2015-10-29 r4 2015-11-12 and r5 2015-11-26

remember its almost always possible to postpone the game it makes it much easier to join the tournament


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