Important ASSU Meeting Tuesday 24/3 17:30!

Come and make your voice heard as a member of Akademiska Schacksällskapet Umeå
about what YOU want to happen this spring and more important next year!
This Sunday (22/3) the last game of this season will be played for our first team and it will
be decided if we win our group in division 3 or not.
Our main discussion for this meeting will be about what kind of league games we will participate
in next year:
* What division do we want to play in? Division 2, 3 or just ”Länsserien”?
* How many teams will we have?
* How many players are…
 – … interested in playing next semester?
 – … think they have time to do it?
 – … dedicated enough to travel to away-games over weekends?
 – … are willing to pay for travels and other expenses?
 – … and most important, want to have fun, improve your chess and compete together with our teams? 🙂
We will discuss what kind of opponents we will face and where we might have to travel in each division.
We will also discuss what do you want to see on our club-evenings and how we can improve them along
what other kind of events and tournament we should aim for!
If you still very much would like to play in the Autumn or have some great ideas you want
to share with us MAKE SURE that someone who will come to this meeting know and can tell us
about your ambition, that we can count on you and any ideas you have besides this!
This will be a short meeting and after the regular training will commence from about 18-18.15!
See all you there! 🙂


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