Game on Today! Swedish Chess League DIV III

Our second team ASSU III, is playing SK Örnen on their home ground today in Ö-vik. The match is over. SK Örnen wins by one point. Congratulations to the Eagle!

Well fought ASSU – Boyz. We can take notice in that our team made a good effort. Especially Dr. Piwowar made a strong debut in the Swedish League, defeating Mr Englund. Alvarsson held Jan Viberg to a draw as black. Great work. The President of ASSU, Isak Ersholt won a good game to. Thank you ASSU for the debut today and good luck in next round! Now we are looking forward to see how ASSU first team will play. Welcome back on the 14th of November on our home-ground and the Humanities building where we will have a game against Sundsvall!



Viktor Alvarsson (right) just after his draw on board 2.

The match up looks like this: Picture below.

ASSU II                      2,5 / 3,5                SK Örnen

(ELO-rated first if no ELO then LASK)

Bord 1. Kent Munyua 1904 – Peter Olsson 2136 0 – 1

Bord 2. Viktor Alvarsson 1841 – Jan Viberg 1992 0,5 – 0,5

Bord 3. Dr. Michael Piwowar 1826 – Magnus Englund 1922 1 – 0

Bord 4. Isak Ersholt 1705 – Lars-Eric Persson 1853 1 – 0

Bord 5. Kasper Hörnkvist 1579 – Gunnar Sundman 1777 0 – 1

Bord 6. Behzad Khoshnood 1703 – Sture Domeij 1479 0 – 1






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