Fredagsnöten ”I’m Back”.

Yes, Assu Boys n Assu Fly girls in the Academic Chess Society. Fredagsnöten är tillbaka och med den mycket annat. Håll till godo med en riktigt fin kluring.

Svart drar och vinner i tre…

Och en till nöt ”on a friday!”

Vit drar och vinner med en ”Doubble Pin”!

Och slutligen…

Svart drar och vinner!?

OKi, all Assu-players, the club to be in an join in. We have a lot of activites for everyone. Either if you have 2200 ratings or 1000 everyone is welcomed to join in at the same friendly level. So, don’t doub’t. just come and say hi to us, we are located just above the university library in UB-339. We have chess from beginners to elite level. We also have social activities and contests, so feel free to join the best Chess Club in town! We have coffea, cake and tea for free!


We know Chess

ASSU The Academic Chess Society

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