Final results: Summer Blitz Evening- 4 players attended ASSU Chess CLUB. CM Rickard Engman wins.

Here is the final results of the Summer Late Night Blitzing: CM Engman, jan Backsten and Alexander Agrell wins book prizes.

The books will be delivered at PUB Rött at an occasion when the club meet for a beer! Congratulations ad thanks to all players taking part!


  • CM Engman 21 p
  • Jan Backsten 18 p
  • Alexander Agrell 13 p
  • Maximillian Maier 12 p
  • Magnus Stenius 12 p
  • Gerold Jäger 10 p
  • WIM Cristine Wågman 4 p
  • Magnus Hedqvist 3 p
  • Stipo 3 p
  • Ranel tammela 2 p
  • Patrik Storm 1 p
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