CM Gunnar Hjorth in Lead-Position With One Round To Go + Elo-Norms Incoming

After a quick draw in the morning of round 6, between Östersunds SS player FIDE-CM Gunnar Hjorth and ASSU:s Patrik Storm, CM Hjorth stands on 5 points in pole position for the final round 7. Thereafter, SS Luleå:s player Tobias Pettersson (whom are playing Isak Ersholt from ASSU) are fighting for the top spots along some two players.

A derby on live-board 2 between ASSU players Michael Piwowar and CM Rickard Engman will decide for third, fourth and second spot after round 6. CM Engman can if he wins pass CM Hjorth, so the chess drama is still ahead.




ASSU:s Patrik Storms draw on board 1 earned him his final FIDE ELO-Norm, and his new ELO-rating will show from the 1st of September on FIDE, congratulations. Also ASSU:s player Benn Malca has made his final norm and achieved enough rated opponents for getting his ELO-Rating from FIDE. A lot of excitement is awaiting for final round.



Rasmus Nyman in deep thoughts vs. Dan Åman both ASSU


Isak Ersholt with the white pucks.


Piwowar vs. Engman


Post-game analysis Gunnar Hjort, Emanuel Sundin, Lars-Göran Carlsson and Mikael Forsberg


Draw board 1 – Storm vs. Hjort

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