Club evening tonight! And…Team building camp in late September ”THE MIGHTY CHESS PARADE”

The Club is opened this evening. We are located at Lindell café. Welcome!

In the end of September ASSU are planning a weekend with team-building for upcoming Allsvenskan. Team 1 have 8 spot’s for those interested and additionally 4 will be for other’s in the club who wants to join in.We will go by the rating list from the top and then ask for participation. A total of 12 beds are available. The cost will be around 300 kronor for each member. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be included.

We will be located just south of Norrbyskär, where there will be plenty room for chess, dinners, talks, discussions, and other event.

The Board of ASSU will make final date and other request decisions about the camp. Chef will be Magnus Stenius, and main coach Rickard Engman.

preliminary schedule: (OBS NOT SET).

For this event only members in ASSU can join in.

Friday 17.30 Transport with two cars to Kylören.

18.00 Arrive and accommodation

19.00 Short info and chess practice 1 hour.

20.30 Fresh air and walk to the harbor and the protected forest at the peak lake. 15 minutes west.

21.30 Hot tube outside with dish and beverage, soft drinks, etc. Toast grilled with jarlsberg cheese and ham.

22.30 free time chess, blitz, socializing

23.30 Sleep time


8.35 Breakfast will be served, egg, coffee, tea, milk, serial, toast, cheese, jam, etc.

9.25 FIDE CM Rickard Engman will give class and lectures.

10.25 Coffee with cookie and walk to the beachview to ”Skorrsand and the bird lake”. 5 minutes off

11.05 Chess-lectures and training

11.50 free time

12.30 Lunch Pasta tagiattelli with smoked turkey, tomato and fresh baguette, salad drinks, with coffea.

13.00 Free time

13.25 Blitz rounds, chess training and psychology training

15.00 Break

15.30 5 Rounds of pentathlon two and two, sniping, with air gun, soft boll throw, etc

17.15. break.

18.15. Dinner evening with grilled meat and baked potato, sauce and salad, comes with desert whipped cream and cake.

20.00 Walk to old Valviken and the fishermen’s village and the quiz walk! 10 minutes away north

21.15 Free time, socializing, playing, blitzing kibbitzing.

21.50 Musician evening with guitar, song and chess playing etc.



9.00 Breakfast

10.00 Chess training

11.15 Walk to the old ruin and farmers place at the stone island in the cove 10 minutes away south

12.30 Lunch Fish n chips

13.30 Chess training

14.50 Summing up the camp, discussions and debriefing

15.15 transport to the city

Our motto, It doesn’t matter what rated players our oppents will bring to the table: We bring more energy and powers anyhow!

Mostly welcome!


Pictures of the peninsula where the chess team building camp will be located

IMG_0100 IMG_0101 IMG_0102 IMG_0104 IMG_0105










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