Black Friday – Black Pieces Win Both Games in ACT and LOA Wins With White. And…Carlsen Scores Back!

Yesterday games in the ACT Tournament (The ASSU Club Championship during fall) got the black pieces being victorious.

Both games yesterday was exciting. In Gerold Jäger – Magnus Stenius the position early reached a tatical variation as Gerold played and offering the danis gambit in Sorenson with 2. d4!..

1. e4 e5 2. d4 ex.d. The middlegame was complicated but somehow Magnus managed to secure the win in the end.

Rasmus played a solid opening against Isak and hade progressions with his pawns making e5 square a tense positional outcast. After a long strife for positional mid-play advantage from both players, white blundered a piece. And could not held the position much longer.. 0 -1. Lars-Olof Norqvist won against Julian Alamos Guerra very fast 1- 0, making his ELO-norm steadily going upwards.

The game between Carlsen vs. Karjakin attracted some attention yesterday at the club. A game that was so long that the club shut down the gates at 23.45 and we had to go home and see the rest. Carlsen was playing with the pressure and it made Karjakin finally making a misstake. 1 – 0.

Pictures from yesterday:


LOA after his quick win against Julian.


Rasmus Nyman vs. Isak Ersholt


Cm Engman instructing a new talent at the club.


Chris and Anders Ferry playing to the left in the FIKA room.

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