Autumn Chess Tournament 2014 at ASSU!

On the 18th of September at 18.00 hours this fall, the Academic Chess Society at Umeå University, ASSU, will start it’s 7 round tournament ELO registrated. It will be played during Thursdays every second week. There will be two groups. One for higher rating, more experienced player and one for beginners and at mid/ low club level Players outside of the academy is also welcomed. For members there is no fee in participating. Players from other clubs has to pay fee. International students can email to .FIDE CM Rickard Engman is our main chess teacher and arbiter please contact him for further question. We are happy to get more players to join in to our academic chess club at Umeå University. Time control will be announced later.

At Tuesdays we will train and look at chess lessons on big screens and more. More information will follow.

We will also have two chess teams in the County league from ASSU.

Also, we will have a team in the Swedish national chess league from ASSU! More info to follow.

We serve coffea and cake for free.

So welcome to ASSU, the Academic Chess Society at Umeå University for an exciting and creative semester during this fall!!


Board of ASSU

The Academic Chess Society /Akademiska Schack Sällskapet

Pictures below from spring semester at Umeå University Chess Club!

So welcome to ASSU – Boys n ASSU Girls. Be there and Be Squared!!

We know Chess

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