ASSU Places in 4th Position in the DIV II Swedish Chess League

ASSU has been to Schack 64 in Haparande playing the final round.

We played good on all boards, the result does not really mirror the final outcome.

On board 4 Bhezad was + 5.00 queening on h1. Magnus Stenius was +1,9 as white could have sacrified a knight on e5, playing cxd5! Getting the advantage. Isak Ershold on board two fought well with bishops opposite colors probably drawish if correct solution would have been found in time trouble though.

Rasmus was fine and had a slight advantage, but missed the continuation. On board 8 ”Pennan” played good and had two connected passed pawns, but missed the way of finding the spot on whites king. Broström played stable and well against FM Vinke, the game runned into a draw in the end. Doc Johnson held Club-mate (Newly retired from work, congratulations!) Lars-Göran Carlsson to a draw, for a long time, but the rook endgame was won by LG. CM Engman won easy. We will look at some games at the club tomorrow! For now, we look forward to our speed tournament in the club at the humanities building and after that we will will discuss what next plan is for the club. There is a lot that is happening at the club right now. We will be stronger in the fall with more players signing up for us and representing ASSU in the DIV II. We aim to reach DIV 1! Also, there will be som lectures at the club this coming April, look out for The lecturer about Martens from Mr Brostrom, and some other lectures too. We will probably have some nice them opening blitzes and small Berger Tournaments in April /May, with 4 people groups in each, playing shorter time controls. And in May, we will have a dinner, with blitz, socializing and celebrating this fantastic clubs achivements!



Final results of ALLSVENSKAN here.

Some pictures from Haparanda below.

IMG_4987 IMG_4988 IMG_4989 IMG_4990 IMG_4991 IMG_4992

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