ASSU On the Fields Of Chess Battle

So, in just a short amount of time, the Academic Chess Society, less than a year, concquered the Chess Community. And we will continue to take land, by sea, ocean, the sky and elsewhere. So follow in our tracks, join our chess army, and learn the game from the beginning, or from the middle or, yes from every angle there is. At campus Umeå University, the Academic Chess Club Society offers broad spectras of chess training, from all levels to professional elite training, we are unstoppable. We compete, train, play, have social events, and we always serve our guest coffea for free! So join us, today, and be a part of this great Chess-team ”Åshöjdens BK” of chess, because we are going even further, always aiming at the top of chess on any accasion. There are always friends and somewhone to play with at our club. We provide a nice atmosphere, boards, club members on all levels to practice with. Just wait and see…

Join the fun! Join the magic world of chess!

We are located just above the university library. Just look for the Sign Akademiska SchackSällskapet

There are aorund 50 players in our club in new beginners group, on our rating lists and more in many different working groups, teams. We are students, teachers, workers, yes, women and men, all kind of chess interressted folks from around the globe. Currently there are more than eight different nations representing ASSU at the Campus. And guess what, we have space and place for more ASSU-Boys and Fly-Girlz players!

We offer team chess play in the County leauge

and there are two teams competing next season in the Swedish Chess League.

We will take care of you,

We know chess,

Forget about the old chess,

This is the future of having a blast at the board!



The club is open this evening at 18.00-23.00

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