ACT Round 6 Tonight 18:00

Welcome in and get warm, get in the mood for some Chess! At 18.00 club opens up, Swedish FIKA, chess theory and games starts up, ACT round 5-6 are up. At 19. Gerold Jäger ”The Professor” vs. Magnus Stenius. At 20. Carlsen vs Karjakin WC. WELCOME! 🙂

WCT Results from round 5

Lars-Olov Norqvist – Jan Backsten 0 – 1.


Its time for ordinary round 6 in AutumnChessTournament 2016

Its important to play as soon as possible all postponed games as the last round 7 is to be played 2016-12-08

Remember its also possible to play the ACT games in advance!

The rest of us who is not participating in ACT will train and look at some games from Allsvenskan or WCT Carlsen Karjakin Round 10 i WCC

We will possible also play some blitz just for fun!

We also welcome Chris from Poland, who visited us and are playing chess with us!


Welcome to ASSU!

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