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Summer Evening Late Night Blitz! 4th leg – Round. Magnus Hedqvist wins, CM Engman Runner up and Jan Backsten Third

4th round of late Night Blitz Evening at ASSU – online LICHESS Tournament.

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Player – Update list – Season 2022-2023 Allsvenskan – Contact CM Engman if you want to participate Club-Evenings and Allsvenskan and Länsserien

18 Players below preliminary- are all signed for upcoming Season at ASSU – Club Evenings, Allsvenskan and Länsserien:

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Dags att betala medlemsavgifter: För allsvenskt spel och att behålla licensen – rating tal mm.

Nu är det dags att betala medlemsavgifterna: Allsvenskt spel klubbkvällar alla tävlingar: 600 kr för 1 år! 1 termin – 400 Stödmedlem 200 kr. per termin. För att behålla licensen och ELO-tal betalas minst 200 kr per termin! Välkomna till

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Nya spelare inför säsongen 2022 / 2023 – Magnus Englund och Ingemar Wincent

Inför Allsvenska säsongen har Magnus Englund och Ingemar Wincent kritat på för ASSU.

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Tonight! Summer late Night Blitz at 2315 pm Swedish local time – Welcome!

Since we did not Have any Summer Late Evening blitz, Due to Heart of Finland – We will host a Tournament tonight at 2315 pm Swedish local time! Welcome!

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Preliminärt Allsvenskan 2022/2023 – ASSU Will be Open on Thursdays at 18.00 UB 339

Här är preliminära lottning för DIV 2 grupp 1 i höst. ASSU will have a team – in Allsvenskan. ASSU planerar att ha öppet på Torsdagar kl 18.00. CM Engman will host with training. Every second Thursday, we will try

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Finale -Heart of Finland – Results: CM Engman scores 5,5 draw IM in Final Round. WIM Cristine Ties for Third Place Among Women.

Heart of Finland is finished for this time. ASSU-players CM Engman, WIM Cristine Wågman-Rose and Dr Piwowar Michal and Doctoral Candidate Ranel Tammela all scored 50 % or above.

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Last Round – Heart of Finland! Round 9: CM Engman on LIVEBOARD 12.

CM Engman will play on LIVEBOARD Tomorrow starting at 9 am Swedish time.

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Round 7 in Heart of Finland Coming Up!

CM Engman lost against an Finish IM, Sampsa in round 6 on the LIVE-board.

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UPDATE: The Battle in the Heart of Finland Goes On – Results and Report from 4th and 5th Round!

After round 4 – Still High Spirits and good mood for ASSU-Players. Today it is a double round and round 5 is currently running. Round 6 this afternoon with hopefully some ASSu players on the LIVE-Broadcast. The following score for ASSU-Players:

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Heart of Finland – 4th Round coming up – ASSU Players in Fierce Battles over the Boards so far!

Heart of Finland update for ASSU-players. It has been a hard starter for ASSU-players. Ranel played Hungarian GM Gabor and had a good position, move 28 he was + 2,80 if he had seen the move Bc4 (game here)! Attacking

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Heart of Finland. 1st Round – results

ASSU-Is in Finland and fighting for our blue and white colors!

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Thursday evening night Blitz results! Stenius takes second leg, with Jan Backsten and WIM Cristine takes second and third place!


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Heart of Finland – Strong Open Tournament in Finland. ASSU-Players join in.

Heart of Finland 18/7-24/7 2022. ASSU-players WIM Cristine Wågman Rose, CM Rickard Engman and Michal Piwowar will go to Finland to join in the tournament with Ranel Tammela (former ASSU-player in Umeå). We wish them good luck! Link below:  

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This coming Thursday – 14/7 – Summer night blixt! 3+2. 23.30 pm Swedish Local time!

Welcome this Thursday for some Evening blitz! 

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Results: 1:st Summer Night Thursday Blitz

CM Engman takes first leg in ASSU Summer Night Blitz Thursday evenings! 

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Blixtturnering idag – ASSU. Blitztournament today at ASSU – online: Lichess. 5+3 20.00.

Today there will be a tournament in blitz at Lichess. Ranel Tammela is organizer with CM Rickard Engman. Welcome!

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6 Rounds Blitz RESULTS: Magnus ”Rooking TOWER” Hedqvist WINS RAQL-ARENA – Runner up – CM Engman

Last blitz online for ASSU: Magnus Hedqvist wins RAQL-ARENA.

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This coming Saturday: ASSU BLITZ – 3+2 s 18.00 CET. 5/2!

This coming Saturday 5/2 at 18.00 CET –

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Results: Blitz tournament Climber.

Rank Title Username Rating Points Tie Break Performance 1 ReThink 2363 5.0 15.5 2291.8572 2 raql 2145 4.5 14.5 2224.7144 3 GotDaKing 2068 4.5 9.0 2209.3333 4 Mikeandbike 2139 4.5 8.25 2168.5 5 Steiger 2202 3.5 14.25 2134.2856 6 WIM

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Blitz tournament this evening at LIchess! Climber. New player at ASSU: Magnus Englund

Wlecome to play blitz this evening at ASSU Lichess! All are welcome. 

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CM Engman this Thursday on ASSU: Welcome!

CM Rickard Engman will host ASSU this coming Thursday from 18.00 above the library. Welcome! ASSU

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Ranel wins Fools day bullet at Lichess

Ranel Tammela wins the Lichess Fools day by ASSU. 9 players came to the start.  

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Lichess Tonight at 19.00! Blitz tournament

Lichess blitz tournament tonight at ASSU. Welcome!

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Third Leg – Last of January Blitz 4+3 7 rounds 19:20 pm CET

Dear ASSU-members all over- wherever you are, third blitz event this semester coming up! 

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