WinterChessTournament B is Finished

Lars Göran Carlsson and Magnus Hedkvist share first place with 4/5 in WinterChessTournament B Congratulations to the winners!

Of the other players that stood out was Viktor Alvarsson ( 3/5)  Viktor will get a first  ELO result Yesterdays fighting game against Magnus Hedkvist was an interresting game.White was on top in the oppning , early middelgame but black did get the better of it in the endgame after some nice moves. In the end was black winning but missed the winning idea and a draw was agreed after 5h of play. Bezhad also gained a first ELO-results! Congratulation. As well as Kasper ”kasparov” got an ELO part result!

Hopefully did all players in WCT enjoy to play and wanna to participate in our tournament Spring Finale who starts in the end of April/ begining of May.

Chess is Funny!


ELO Group A

ELO Group B

Picturs below, ASSU Boyz n Fly Girlz in da Club


Kent ”Big Machine” vs Viktor Eriksson!


Rasmus hold LG to a draw! Great performance.

IMG_0759 IMG_0761 IMG_0762

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