Winter Chess Tournament A 2016 have started! But you can still join if you want to!

Twelve  Participants in ASSU:s first open club tournament for the new year

2rounds of fastspeed chess 15 min + 10s/m was played Mr Isak Ersholt and Mr Viktor Alvarsson are the only one:s so far with a perfect score

See all the result at ” Turneringar” on ASSU homepage or look for it at chessresult SWE

Three new players to participate in an ASSU Chess Tournament are most welcome!

The new one:s is WIM Cristine Rose Mariano , Hans-Erik Eriksson and Tobias Boman Welcome to ASSU !

Its still possible to join the tournament!

Call the arbiter Rickard Engman 0768 230 379 or write to

if you wanna join!

Winter Chess Tournament A 2016

1. WIM Cristine Rose Mariano 1917
2. Viktor Alvarsson 1869
3. Isak Ersholt 1823
4. Magnus Stenius 1822
5. Gerold Jäger 1754
6. Rasmus Nyman 1751
7. Hans-Erik Eriksson 1700
8. Jimmy Norqvist 1678
9. Behzad Khoshnood 1670
10. Tobias Boman 1512
11. Lars-Olov Norqvist 1510
12. Benn Malca 1353

The participants are listed in Elo-rating order if no Elo-rating listed in LASK-rating order

Round 3 in the Tournament schedule is to be played Thursday 2016-02-11 its the first long game of five. The time control is 120 min + 30s/m The long games are Elo-reg The fast speed games are not

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