Winter Chess Tournament!

Get ready for this seasons big FIDE tournament. This spring semester, the Academic Chess Club Society will host a FIDE rated tournament, which will consist of two groups. In each group their will be the same rating span of oppponents, ranging from 1450-1900. After 5 rounds, nr 1 in group A will meet nr 1 in group B etc, once as black and once as white. We look forward to this more, ”Cup format” tournament on homeground. And, the more players the better, and more fun. So, take your spot and the chance to play a real FIDE tournament this spring. We look forward to see you. For those who want’s to play a regular LASK tournament for new -beginners we hope start one as well. Dates, time and day’s of each tournament, and when to show up, will be provided on the homepage in the near future.

For those playing FIDE tournaments, we want to point out allready now, that not more than two postponed games per person is prefered to keep up the timely scheduled timetable with FIDE.

We wish everybody welcome!

Come join the fun with ASSU!

We are located above UB 335-336 and there is always someone to play on same level, lectures, friends, partys, free coffea and more.



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