Winter Chess Tournament FINAL STANDING: Viktor Alvarsson Wins with 5/7

Final game of WCT round 7 has been played this evening. Many club players showed up to practice chock and blitz while others finished there last game in WCT. We congratulate Mr Alvarsson for his achievement winning WCT.

  1. WINNER OF WCT: Viktor Alvarsson SWE (FIDE ELO 1870).

2. Second: runner up WIM Cristine Rose PHI

3. Third: Isak Ersholt SWE

Tonights games:

Gerold Jäger – Behzad Kohsnood = 1 – 0

Tobias Boman – Victor Alvarsson = 0,5 – 0,5   (Click on the names to see the game!)

(Spanish opening, Morphy variation, delayed with Bxc6) The game ended in a very closed position for both players. Boman offered the draw and Alvarsson was down on the clock and accepted, winning the tournament.

Here are the final results after 7 rounds:

Pictures below:


Behzad vs Jäger ROUND 7 WCT.


FINAL GAME. Boman vs. Alvarsson: draw. The tournament earned Boman his second FIDE ELO-norm.


Jan Backsten SK Rockaden Umeå analyzes with ASSU-players.

Training with CM Rickard Engman this evening. We looked at Norway Chess. playing chock practicing before the Club championships in May. Welcome to the ASSU-party.

Rickard Engman hälsar alla följande: Ja. vi tränar bra, ja det gör vi här. Vi lägger ner mycket tid och fokus på seriös träning. Vi har teori, positionsträning och mycket taktikövningar på ASSU.

The following players have reached a FIDE-ELO Norm:

Hans-Erik Eriksson

Julian Alamos Guerra

Tobias Boman

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