Victory For The Academic Chess Society Umeå in The Derby

A well fought match today at our homeground, ended with a win for the academic players. ASSU played without three ordinary top players in their first team, but managed anyhow to overplay their opponents from the neighbour clubs second team and winning bye 5,5 – 2,5.

We congratulate our team captain Mr FIDE CM Rickard Engman to the well deserved victory. ASSU is now sharing second spot in the Division with Gnarps SK, thus making the academics in a very good spot this season. All players in ASSU lifted themselves above their normal standards. It was a very delightfult and enjoyable match with no incidence from any fans or players at the boards. The National FIDE arbiter and main referee for today, ASSU member Rasmus Nyman did a great job with the LIVE-transmission as well as updating the results. We are happy to gain a well-deserved win and now are looking forward to get more training and and more games. On tuesday we will meet at the club and practice as usual.

The tactics before the game was all prepared by Rickard who had consulted his players in how to sit on all boards. Many of the pairings was just as we wanted them and had hoped for. As usual our strong white players, like Kent Munyua, who get’s a big thumb up for playing on second board today against Isaksson (in absence of ordinary Mr Göran Broström currently in the US), and Michal Piwowar who are devastating to play against as black, Rooking Tower Magnus Hedqvist and his collegue Magnus Stenius, all did their job. Our black players for the day, on top, FIDE CM Rickard Engman got his revenge against Magnus Hellström for last years defeat. Again the position was very complicated. And off-course mr Backsten ”The Magician on board 3. striking back SK Rockadens Olofsson in great manner. Isak ”Hayes” Ersholt held WIM Rose-Wågman to a draw in the  Spanish Berliner. ”Pennan” Lennart Sandström fought against Lars-Erik wich was not the first time the two of them met on the board. Pennan was not good in the opening, but as soon as he got air under his offensive touch he could swing the game over in his favour. On last board, Stenius going in against the Gentleman Ingemar Wincent, with a -3, psychological toughness, and his position was not good in the middle game, with shattered pawns. Somehow he held his board togeheter and could secure the draw even though his light squared bishop was a BIG pawn all along the game. 5,5 – 2,5 must be seen as a great step forward in the development curve for the club. Hard work, excellent training with CM Engman at the club evenings, good companionship with a strong affiliation with ASSU has made us moving forward rapidly as stronger club-player. sky is the limit, Åshöjdens BK is next=). Enough said. What makes ASSU a great club is the chance for anyone to feel a part of something positive, and with a lot of good vibes. Yesterday we harvested the fruit for long hard work, cahsing in the viktory. Finally we are humble in viktory in thank our oppents for a great match and looking forward to have many fights in the future over the boards!

Thank you to all the members of ASSU throughout the years who has made this successful club possible!

We are now heading towards new goals, new results and getting new members.

Your are very welcome (new-beginner to elite player doesnt matter) to join us at Umeå university Chess Campus.

Best Regards

The Board of ASSU

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