Two good ELO-performances at Zordix by ASSU players

Viktor Alvarsson ASSU, made his last ELO-norm at Zordix finalizing his FIDE rating at 1818 ELO on the June 1st  list from FIDE. He also got round 6 big upset prize, holding Henrik Olofsson SK Rockaden Umeå to a draw.  In his final game, Alvarsson held SS Luleås player Mats Liljenberg to a draw. He took 3,5 point during 7 rounds with 50 %! He got a + 3 from his starting position. Great job!



Viktor Alvarsson ASSU vs Mats Liljenberg SS Luleå draw. David Johansson (university champion) vs Helge Magnussen. Henrik Olofsson vs Mikael Forsberg.

Behzad Khosnood made also his last and final ELO-norm giving him FIDE -rating on next june list at : 1667. With draw against Jonas Burman, winning against Anders Jonsson, scoring 50 % Bezhad made a great step forward.


Jonas Burman vs Bezhad Khosnood, draw.

Final standings here


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