Tuesday at ASSU CLub

On Tuesday we will look at some ASSU games from the tournament Zordix. Coffea and coockies will be served. CM Rickard Engman is ready to give a lecture,,,,Kent Munyua will have new-beginners training.,,, The rest will do something else but we will all enjoy chess!

For those who cant play this ordinary round on Thursday, they can play this Tuesday!

Group D (Thursdays round)

Alexis Ahmada – Mahmood

Nadja – Lars-Olov Norqvist

Group C

Viktor Alvarsson – Isak Ersholt

Kasper Hörnqvist – Jimmy Norqvist

Group B

Kent Munyua – Magnus Stenius

CM Rikard Engman – Bezhad Khosnood (CM Rikard Engman will jump in this round!) Probably only this round!

Group A

Lennart Sandström – Lars-Göran Carlsson

Magnus Hedgqvist – Helge Magnussen = 0,5-0,5 (played last Tuesday)

OBS: This is the ordinary round this Thursday 21st of MAY!

There are still chances to join in and play in group B! AS one spot is left without a player. CM Rickard Engman WILL only play against Bhezad for training game one round.

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