UPDATE: The Battle in the Heart of Finland Goes On – Results and Report from 4th and 5th Round!

After round 4 – Still High Spirits and good mood for ASSU-Players. Today it is a double round and round 5 is currently running. Round 6 this afternoon with hopefully some ASSu players on the LIVE-Broadcast. The following score for ASSU-Players:

UPDATE: Ranel Tammela and WIM Cristine Wågman-Rose has won in round 5.

Round 5 started early this morning. CM Rickard Engman 2,5 p (after quick win in round 5, 3,5)! Hopefully we will se him on the LIVEboards this afternoon!

WIM Cristine Wågman-Rose 1,5 p (2,5 p) after round 5.

Dr Michal Piwowar 2 p

Dr Candidate Ranel Tammela 1,5 p. (2,5 p) after round 5. Currently playing Maria Oksanen who beat back WIM Wågman-Rose in round 3.

Round 5 is currently running! Chess-results here. (Round 5)

Chess24 – Live Broadcast here!


Cristine Wågman-Rose Photo:




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