Swedish Chess League Report + pictures

So, ASSU was in the main capital of Sweden, Stockholm to play the first games away for TEAM 1.

The first day, saturday, we played WASA SK II at the Swedish Chess Saloons. We had good spirit, we met up before the roundstart at a dining and we discussed some tactics. The match against WASA II started ok, when kent won pretty easy on board 5 as white, ”smacking” literally of his opponent in a furious attack. Well done Big Machine! Rickard Played another CM for the first time, Did get a good position but could not keep his good game and made a bad move and later he made a blunder in the end of the middlegame. Loosing, ”to loose is a baaaad thing!”

On board 2, Martin Krecjci played and fought well against his opponent, managing a draw, as black, tried to find some winning positions.

Board 3, Patrik Storm, in his debut winning very nice. He played his solid Bird and he came really good in his position, just waiting for his timing to cash in.

Board 4. Magnus Stenius played, black and in the mid game his opponent sacrificed a Bishop and a Knight for a King attack, but Stenius defended well, ands almost got out of the mess, just missing Bc8! Winning the game, but he went wrong and lost in the time-trouble.

Board 6. Rasmus fought long and well but lost.

Board 7. Piwovar lost.

Bboard 8. Peter Svensson won in his debut! ASSU was worthy of a slighly better result here.

results WASA SK  II 4,3 – 3,5  ASSU

But finally on sunday, we played at SK ROCKADEN Stockholms home-grounds at Metrostration Hägerstensåsen.

on Bord 1 CM Engman Won!

on board 2, Martin lost after playing really good.

board 3 Storm played well put pressure on his opponent missed a win in the endgame and  Gustavo Luna did get  a draw.

Board 4, the last game still playing in the match, Stenius played a draw, having some chances in the endgame. Stenius secured the draw!

Board 5, Kent loosing in the middle game, loosing a piece, and the game.

Board 6, Rasmus Nyman played very inspiring playing a draw against his opponent.

Board 7. Piwovar wins again! Very stable, nice game from the Polish Generalskij!

Board 8. Peter Svensson draws as black. 1,5 p o 2 as black this weeekend! And ASSU scored 1 point! We are now number four in the league.


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