International FIDE Tournament! SUMMERHEAT V Registrated Players at Open Space!

Join the fun, step in and play some real nice chess. Be a part of the international athmosphere at ASSU and play some high octane chess! Welcome to join the future of competitive chess. This year we play in the open space lab at campus, grandmaster style! And U are invited too!

  1. CM Rickard Engman SWE ELO 2185
  2. Peter Korning SWE ELO 2006
  3. Michal Piwowar SWE ELO 1885
  4. Magnus Stenius SWE ELO 1832
  5. Jan Backsten SWE ELO  1811
  6. Isak Ersholt SWE ELO 1805
  7. Jens Amberts SWE ELO 1733
  8. Rasmus Nyman SWE ELO 1694
  9. Jimmy Norqvist SWE ELO 1682


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