Summer chess in Umeå!!! CM Engman approved :)

Welcome to Viking Kraftsport Chess café! ALLLLLLL Summer long.

Every monday at 18:00 we open our doors at Viking Kraftsport, Backenvägen 46, Grisbacka, Umeå. Starting this monday the 11th of june and then every monday. ALLLLLLL Summer long.

Already MD Pivowar, CM Engman and Support member Jonas Öberg, have played a sponsored tournament at the venue. Winner of said tournament with a first price was CM Engman. Second price was won by MD Pivowar, the only player to win one game against CM Engman. Congratulations to both players.

C U L8er at Viking Kraftsport this summer!

No admission fees! Just by a cup of coffee or a soft drink.



Kent Munyua, +46703673375


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