Spring Finale Starts: Tonight!

Welcome to this semesters last ordinary Open Tournament at the club (Summerheat V is coming up in June but is played at another venue). The Spring finale is 2-3 rounds of rapid chess ( not Elo) and three rounds of standard ELO tournament every second week. There will be two groups.


2016-04-28 Rapid Chess 2-3 games 15 min + 10s/m  ( Rapid Chess r3 Depending on how many participants.)

2016-05-12 R3 first standard game

2016-05-26 R4 Standard game

2016-06-09 R5 Standard game and last day of tournament.

Remember its you as a player who is responsible to play all the rounds.

If you need to postpone a game can you usually do so but Contact your opponent to agree of another day to play.

As the tournament is an Round Robin do you know in advance the parings in the standard games.

It makes it possible to play games in advance if needed.

Postponed games and games played in advance are usually possible to play Tuesdays and Thursdays.

A Group: 90 min + 30 seconds every move. ELO – standard game.

B Group: 60 min + 15 seconds (lowest standard time-control ELO game for players under 1600).

Tournament director CM Rickard Engman may adjust the format if needed at the starting day (if less than eight players, there will be one group. If only players above 1600 there will be 90 + 30 seconds time control)

Welcome to some ELO action. Get your FIDE norm, improve your chess, play against others in your own rating span, learn, enjoy and have a blast!


Do as Mr Stenius and Mr Sandström, play and learn at our club!


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