Spring Finale Prelims Group

This Thursday 7/5 at 18.00 Spring finale starts!

Three groups included at the time with four players each group.

If you want to play, come this Thursday and contact Rickard Engman.

Prelim groups based on results in WCT A and WCT B: OBSERVATION: One spot left in Group 3

Group 1

1. Helge Magnussen

2. Lars-Göran Carlsson

3. Magnus Hedqvist

4. Lennart Sandström

Group 2

1. Kent Munyua

2. Victor Alvarsson

3. Isak Ersholt

4. Magnus Stenius

Grupp 3.

Jimmy Norqvist

Kasper Hörnqvist

Bezhadd Koshnood


Group 4

1. Nadja

2. Alexis Ahmuda

3. Lars-Olov Norqvist

4. Mamhood


If you want to take part, please email us.


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